Fast. Easy. And Light Weight.

The running surface design of the P Series is what truly sets it apart. In speed tests with a medium load, the P4.7 without speed tubes achieved the same top-end speed as a competitive model with speed tubes. Additionally, the P4.7 throws a smaller wake profile — so clandestine operations stay that way.

boat speed iconUnder light load conditions with a 40-hp engine, the P4.7 exceeds 30 miles per hour. It also features 20% more usable deck space than similar-sized competitive models and is 44 lbs. lighter.

P series Inflatable Boat P series Inflatable Boat P series Inflatable Boat P series Inflatable Boat Rubber Raiding Craft Inflatable Shore Boat Polyurethane Inflatable Boat 4.7m Inflatable Littoral Shore Boat

Littoral operations boats

The P Series was developed by experts in white-water rafting, swift water rescue and surf zone and littoral boat operations. So we’ve learned a thing or two about building durable boats — like incorporating non-deteriorating composite transoms for example.

Berry Amendment compliant

Every California-built Wing boat is Berry Amendment compliant so your hard-earned money stays in-country. What does Berry Amendment Compliant mean?

For textile items, it means that all fabrics and fiber items must be of US origin, and that the labor to produce the textile item also has to be of US origin. The P4.7 and other inflatable boats are textile items (see AMC ruling dated May 12, 2011: DECISION – AMC Level Protest No. 180411). You can rest assured that every P4.7 is made in the US, in Wings’ Northern California facility, with US fabrics and fibers. And because we want to support other US manufacturers, we buy as many US materials for our products as possible.
Combat Rubber Raiding Craft

When you need to get in and get out, GET WING.

At Wing, we cut our teeth white water-rafting. For essentially two decades we have experimented and tested designs and materials in some of the harshest environments imaginable— shooting rapids, strafing rocks, dropping down waterfalls, breaking surf, and more fun stuff. This new P Series is the culmination of those tests, surpassing even our lofty expectations in terms of durability and performance.

Instead of the original Hypalon boats popular in the 80’s, we’ve always built Polyurethane boats exclusively at our California-based facility. Polyurethane is tougher, lasts longer, holds air better and results in a more environmentally-friendly production process.

Benefits and Key Features:

  • Patent pending Speed Step design creates hydrodynamic lift and compartmentalizes the running surface to reduce vacuum — affording higher running surface to reduce vacuum — affording higher speeds with heavier loads, quicker to plane and greater fuel speeds with heavier loads, quicker to plane and greater fuel efficiency
  • The design of the P4.7 without speed tubes out-performs the competition’s boats with speed tubes in a medium load.
  • Interior space of the P4.7 is greater than competitive models.
  • Independent tests prove Polyurethane fabric makes a stronger, more durable tube with better air-holding characteristics than Hypalon or PVC alternatives, contributing to superior performance in all conditions.
  • Thermal welded seam failure is virtually non-existent. Count on extended service life thanks to virtually no maintenance required on welded versus glued seams.
inflatable boat specs


Specifications are estimates and are subject to varienace. More models to come!

Model: Hard Deck Roll-Up
LOA: 15' 5"/4.7m 15' 5"/4.7m
Beam: 6'6"/1.93m 6'6"/1.93m
Inside Length: 12'3"/3.73m 12'3"/3.73m
Inside Width: 3'/.91m 3'/.91m
Buoyancy tube diameter: 20" side tubes/.51m 20" side tubes/.51m
Folded Dimensions, Bare Boat 27" x 29" x 56"/
.69m x .74m x 1.42m
27" x 29" x 56"/
.69m x .74m x 1.42m
Deck Dimensions, Disassembled 40.5" x 33" x 2"/
1.03m x .84m x .05m
Usable Deck Space: 27.7 sq. ft/2.6sm 27.7 sq. ft/2.6sm
Weight, Bare Boat without Deck: 120 lbs./95 kg 120 lbs./95 kg
Weight, Bare Boat with roll-up floor (composite): N/A 274 lbs./124 kg
Weight, Bare Boat with roll-up floor (aluminum): N/A 304 lbs./138 kg
Weight, Bare Boat with Hard Deck: 285 lbs./129 kg N/A
Designed Working Pressure: 4.0 psi/276mbar 4.0 psi/276mbar
Overload Pressure: 300% or designed working pressure (min.) 300% or designed working pressure (min.)
Max. Payload (including engine, fuel and roll-up deck) 2760 lbs./1252 kg 2760 lbs./1252 kg
Persons Capacity: 10 (not to exceed max payload) 10 (not to exceed max payload)

Standard Features:

  • D-rings for towing bridle
  • Deck drain, high capacity
  • External/Internal lifelines
  • Handles, 6 ea. side, one bow
  • Keel, inflatable with valve
  • Lifting rings (4)
  • Rub strakes on sides and keel
  • Composite transom — lighter and stronger than aluminum and impervious to detrioriation from water intrusion (won’t rot like wood)
  • Transom tow eyes
  • Wing warranty

Notable Options:

  • Auto-inflation
  • Dull Coat
  • Roll-up deck
  • Fleet customization: for multiple boat orders we will entertain special requests ranging from color options to Ninja knife holders- just ask!
  • Wing P5.8 CRRC Package P/N 005.8A-004 (download PDF)
  • Wing P5.8 CRRC Package P/N 8500051-YTL60-TRL (download PDF)
  • Wing P4.7 CRRC Package P/N 004.7A-010 (download PDF)
  • Wing P4.7 CRRC Package P/N 004.7A-009 (download PDF)
We’d like to thank all our friends in the special operations community who have provided input for the PSeries over the years, and have helped test the early versions to make this what it is. You know who you are.