Custom Configurations Available:

WingCat Tubes have a wide variety of field applications and can be configured to your specific needs!

Standard Model Specifications
Total Length: 20' 5"
# of Chambers: 2 per tube
  • Dual cat tubes with rubstrake
  • 40oz. Polyurethane
  • Non-skid tube surface optional
Wing Cat Workboat Boat Spec Sheet

The "Pick-up Truck" of the Sea; Shallow Draft, Durable and Versatile:

A versatile workboat

WingCat Shallow Draft Workboat

Emergency and Disaster Relief:
Water, Food and Fuel Bags can be easily deployed from WingCats during Rescue or Relief efforts

Harbor and Marina Dock Tending:
Ideal for a variety of Marina Management Applications

Swift Water Handling:
Shallow draft makes this an ideal boat for river applications, handling moderate whitewater like a champ

Cargo Transfers:
Insert critical equipment and personnel during rescue or relief efforts

Shallow Draft Cat with Load Catamaran Workboat WingCat on River unloading ATV from Workboat Boat for Dock Tending Workboat for Marina Management Shallow Draft boat on River Work Boat on Sandbar Polyurthane Catamaran in Bay