Polyurethane Fabrication:

We refer to these simply as 'Custom Projects,' and a short list includes buoys, bumpers, lift-bags, rollers, and chemical-spill containment floats. But inflatable designs and structures are only limited by one's imagination! We love custom projects because they broaden our scope and expertise and further add to our already inflated reputation!

Here are a few examples of what we are talking about.

Kinetic sculture

Perhaps the first application beyond river rafts and RIB tubes were the pontoons for dozens of kinetic sculptures raced here in our home of Humboldt. Every item enabling these creations to traverse asphalt, sand, and water, must be carried with the machine at all times. Those are the rules. From cumbersome foam blocks, and arrays of inner tubes, floatation has evolved to Wing air-holding tubes on virtually every entry-tough, lightweight, and easily rolled and stored when not needed.

Our most significant custom project to date, the Proteus, from Marine Advanced Research.

Proteous Wam V

This from Gizmag: "The appropriately named Proteus (Proteus was an early sea-god capable of changing shape and assuming many forms) is the first of a new class of watercraft based on a patented technology that delivers a radically different seagoing experience. Wave Adaptive Modular Vessels (WAM-V) are ultralight, flexible catamarans modularly designed to allow for a variety of applications and to fit the requirements of specific users, missions or projects. Unlike conventional boats that force the water to conform to the their hulls, the WAM-V adjusts to the surface of the sea, with the superstructure flexibly connected to specially designed pontoons by several components that actually move in relation to one another."

Wing fabricated the pontoons for this radical new craft. For more info go to