Whitewater Products:

Our roots are on the river. Years of personal experience coupled with decades of partnering with outfitters to design and build boats to their specific needs has lead us to our latest design offerings. We know these designs will meet and exceed the demands and expectations of any outfitter. (multiple boat orders only)


Inflatable Boats for the Most Demanding Environments:

WING IBS (Inflatable Boat Small)


When the U.S Navy SEALs went shopping for an updated and upgraded inflatable for their BUDS classes (Basic Underwater Demolition School) they wound up purchasing WINGs. Since then, the WING IBS, essentially a lightweight, heavy-duty six-man raft, has become a centerpiece of BUDS training and team-building efforts. Paddled, or fitted with the available outboard motor transom, the 40 oz. polyurethane IBS can take anything the S.E.A.L.s can dish out-as tough as the men who count on it and one-another, day in and day out.

IBS Inflatable Boat Spec Sheet
inflatable small boat navy seals small inflatable polyurethane boat inflatable boat with outboard mount

WING IBXS (Inflatable Boat Extra Small)

Brand new to the WING® line and filling a need for specialized applications and training, the IBXS is a scaled down version of the IBS, offering all the features in a smaller, but no less tough package. Like its bigger brother the IBS, the IBXS is pound for pound and dollar for dollar, one ass-kicking boat. Just ask the guys who drive them.

IBS Inflatable Boat Spec Sheet