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Wing Wins GOLD DLA Land and Maritime Award for 2011!

Posted on Jun 21 2012

Wing Inflatables has won a GOLD award for excellence from the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime.  GOLD level means 100% on time deliveries and quality and only 75 companies win the honor in thousands of suppliers.  Pictured are Wing employees Dave Ackroyd and Aaron Powell accepting the award presented by Army Brigadier General Darrell K. Williams, Commanding   General.

Wing Inflatables is Recognized by the City of Arcata, CA

Posted on Feb 15 2012

We are very honored to have been recognized by the City of Arcata for our dedication to providing highly-skilled manufacturing jobs in Arcata, California, USA!

Certificate of Recognition to Wing from the City of Arcata.pdf

Wing Inflatables Wins Award

Posted on Jul 07 2011

Wing Inflatables was recognized by the DLA Land and Maritime for excellence in on time deliveries and quality.  Wing representatives Patrick Sproul and Dwayne Sutke with Brigadier General  Darrell Williams, Commander,  Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime.  What an honor!


Wing Wins Award.pdf

Wing Featured in Marine News YearBook 2010 Boat Yards

Posted on May 24 2011

Marine News Yearbook 2010.pdf

Buls Eye - Bruce Buls Editorial Note May 19, 2011 American Made Inflatable Boats

Posted on May 24 2011

Buls Eye Berry Amendment and Inflatable Boats.pdf

WorkBoat Magazine Article Featuring Wing Sponsons

Posted on Jul 22 2010

A great article featuring Wing sponsons.  Congratulations ACB!


WB  Article July 2010.pdf

P-Series Ad To Be Featured in Marine News

Posted on Mar 23 2010

Check out this ad that will run in an upcoming Marine News!  The P-4.7 will be available this summer, and the P-5.3 this fall.


P-Series Ad 2010

P-Series Ad To Be Featured in WorkBoat Magazine

Posted on Mar 23 2010

Check out this ad that will run in an upcoming WorkBoat magazine!  The P4.7 will be available this summer, and the P5.3 this fall.


P-Series Ad #2 2010

MSNBC: Inside the intense world of SEAL training (feauring the Wing IBS)

Posted on Jan 26 2010

Jan. 25: From high-tech weapons and underwater demolition to hand-to-hand combat and parachuting into war zones, NBC’s Chris Jansing takes a look at the making of a Navy SEAL.


WorkBoat Magazine RIB Article Featuring WING

Posted on Jan 08 2010

userfiles/WB RIB Article 10_2009.pdf

Press Release: Wing Inflatables Releases New Product Designed to Enhance PWC Stability and Afford Hull Protection

Posted on Jun 08 2009

Arcata, Calif., May 27, 2009 – Originally developed for Special Ops applications, Wing Inflatables’ new RibSki™ dramatically improves personal watercraft (PWC) stability, provides quicker hole-shot performance, affords ample room for critical equipment and protects the PWC hull from impact. The RibSki features an aluminum hull and polyurethane collar combination that can be easily affixed or removed from most standard PWC hulls.

“The RibSki isn’t for the casual user,” said Wing president and founder Bill Wing. “It’s designed for extreme conditions – rapids, surf rescue, tight places with shallow water – places you go because you have to, not because you want to.”

Wing is quick to point out that the RibSki’s additional 280 pounds does not impede the PWC performance. “If anything, the RibSki enhances the PWC’s performance,” he said. “The additional hull surface area means you get up on plane quicker. And the collar helps you keep the right side up when things get dicey.”

Aside from enhancing lateral stability and providing fendering, the polyurethane collar provides flotation in the event of catastrophic damage. “If you impact something that breaches the aluminum hull and holes your PWC, at least you aren’t going to sink,” said Wing.

According to Wing, the RibSki is designed to take two or three people and gear into tight spots bigger RIBs cannot access – with the additional advantages of PWC speed and maneuverability. “The RibSki gives you the best of both worlds at a fraction of the cost of a comparably equipped RIB – if such a thing even existed,” he said. “And it doesn’t.”

The RibSki comes complete with the necessary hardware for adoption to most popular PWC hulls. Demonstration rides will be conducted during the MACC conference, June 16-18. For more information, call 386-423-1185.

About Wing Inflatables

Headquartered in Arcata, Calif., Wing Inflatables produces superior quality, extremely durable inflatable boats, RIBs, closed-cell foam collars and a vast array of products for specialty applications serving commercial markets. Wing is the largest supplier of inflatable tubes for RIBs in service with the United States Navy. For more information, visit http://www.wing.com or call 707-826-2887.

YouTube video of Navy SEALs "buds" training featuring our IBS

Posted on May 30 2009

Here are some links with more buds training featuring our boats



Press: 'Air Tubes Saved My Life' from Professional Mariner magazine

Posted on May 15 2008

Florida pilot applies some lessons learned from his brush with death

Knowles is grateful that the pilots’ launch, a rigid inflatable boat, or RIB, has air-filled tubes on its sides. The 67-year-old pilot said those inflatable tubes prevented him from being crushed between the pilot vessel and the 293-foot containership Campeche Bay.

Wing Tubes of Course! Read complete story:


"Navy boats take wing." Wing featured in in San Fransico Chronicle

Posted on Aug 08 2002


Navy boats take wing

...Arcata firm assumes an unlikely, though pivotal, role for military...Improbable as it may sound, Wing Inflatables, a small firm shoehorned into a couple of gritty warehouses in this little town on the margins of Humboldt Bay, has become a major defense contractor...

Read full story from the San Fransisco Chronicle August 7, 2002