Replacement Sponsons

  • Constructed primarily of Mil Spec 40oz polyurethane fabric, with options for lighter weight fabric
  • Virtually indestructible heat welded seams
  • Available in custom colors and dull-coat finishes
  • Smooth, Light and Heavy texture additives for non-slip traction
  • D-Rings, Rubstrake/Rubrale, Lifelines/Grablines and Handles available in customizable configurations
  • Proprietary, custom software ensures the best fit available
Photos of Sponsons

Extend the Service Life of your RIB

Upgrade your original sponsons with the superior fit and long lasting performance of Wing sponsons.

Wing polyurethane has twice the puncture resistance and four times greater abrasion resistance than Hypalon. The standard expected service life of a Wing polyurethane tube is 7-8 years—versus only five for a Hypalon tube—with Wing tubes running stiff, strong and still in service after 12-14 years is increasingly common. Learn More

We have worked hard to replicate the form of the original sponson while in most cases far exceeding the fit and overall function of the original:

Some of our over 200 existing replacement sponsons designs include

Model Tube Photo
Willard 670 model S.O.L.A.S. Length: 22'/Diameter: 22"
Zodiac 670 S.O.L.A.S. Length: 24'/Diameter: 22"
Zodiac 540 model USCG Length: 17'8"/Diameter: 18"
Zodiac 630 model USCG Length: 21'/Diameter: 21"
Zodiac 640 model USCG Length: 21.6"/Diameter: 2"
US Marine 11m Split Bow Military Length: 36'/Diameter: 22"
Willard 730 Length: 24'/Diameter: 22"
SeaArk Foam/Hybrid models Hybrid Collar System - 23' to 40'
Avon 540 Length: 18'/Diameter: 20"

Wing Polyurethane Dull Coat


Heavy Texture Coating

Wing Inflatables has spent over 30 years coming up with custom solutions

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