Wing-Thane Finishes:

Smooth Sponson coating

Used primarily for enhanced U/V protection on primary fabric.

Light texture polyurethane sponson coating

Light Textured:
Enhanced U/V protection combined with moderate traction.

Grip Tec polyurethance coating

Heavy Textured:
Enhanced U/V protection combined with excellent traction.

'Dull-Coat' Finishes
Our polyurethane fabric has a natural gloss finish that in most cases highlights the quality appearance of a Wing sponson. But if a ‘matte’ finish serves your purposes we can Dull-Coat any color for a flat, even finish on any sponson.


Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. Our Sponsons Come in Colors too!

So, when it comes to roses and violets or colors in general, maybe you’re the 'no-frills' type; maybe black or gray is your favorite. Hey, to each his own. You want black? We got your black. You want gray? We got your gray: two shades even; a light and a dark, called ‘NATO’. Or maybe you and your mates fancy yourselves to be colorful personalities, but when it comes to your RIB, it would be advantageous if it could just disappear off the face of the earth. Hey, no problem. We have a ‘Dull-Coat’ finish to help it do that. But if you’re the sort who likes to stand out in a crowd; if you want to be 'SEEN’ as well as heard, our blue, red, orange and yellow fabrics will light up your life, and your RIB! You make the call. We’ll make the tube!

Wing-Thane Coatings

Wing offers three liquid-polyurethane coatings (see sidebar) in differing textures laid on the primary fabric for enhanced U/V protection and 'non-slip' traction. The three finishes can be color-matched to the primary fabric or mixed to contrast with it; a yellow coating on an orange tube for example.

Grip Tec

Slip-Resistant Additive
Our heavy textured finish utilizes a moderately coarse silicon additive mixed into our ‘Wing-Thane’ coatings that creates maximum ‘non-slip’ traction in otherwise slippery situations.

Custom Wing Thane Color over Polyurethance

Custom Colors:
Custom blue 'Wing-Thane' with light texture over black base fabric.