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Press Release: Wing Inflatables Releases New Product Designed to Enhance PWC Stability and Afford Hull Protection

Posted on June 08, 2009

Arcata,  Calif., May 27, 2009 – Originally developed for Special Ops applications,  Wing Inflatables’ new RibSki™ dramatically improves personal watercraft  (PWC) stability, provides quicker hole-shot performance, affords ample  room for critical equipment  and protects the PWC hull from impact.  The RibSki features an aluminum hull and polyurethane collar combination  that can be easily affixed or removed from most standard PWC hulls.

“The  RibSki isn’t for the casual user,” said Wing president and founder  Bill Wing. “It’s designed for extreme conditions – rapids, surf  rescue, tight places with shallow water – places you go because you  have to, not because you want  to.”

Wing  is quick to point out that the RibSki’s additional 280 pounds does  not impede the PWC performance. “If anything, the RibSki enhances  the PWC’s performance,” he said. “The additional hull surface  area means you get up on plane quicker. And the collar helps you keep  the right side up when things get dicey.”

Aside  from enhancing lateral stability and providing fendering, the polyurethane  collar provides flotation in the event of catastrophic damage. “If  you impact something that breaches the aluminum hull and holes your  PWC, at least you aren’t going to sink,” said Wing.

According  to Wing, the RibSki is designed to take two or three people and gear  into tight spots bigger RIBs cannot access – with the additional advantages  of PWC speed and maneuverability. “The RibSki gives you the best of  both worlds at a fraction of the cost of a comparably equipped RIB –  if such a thing even existed,” he said. “And it doesn’t.”

The  RibSki comes complete with the necessary hardware for adoption to most  popular PWC hulls. Demonstration rides will be conducted during the  MACC conference, June 16-18. For more information, call 386-423-1185.

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