Yes, we make things that inflate all right…

…and yes, some are wildly embraced by both men AND women-for good reason; because we whisk them in and out of harm’s way, ferry critical equipment to impossible-to-get-to-places, and otherwise float, stabilize, buffer, or protect people and gear against the planet’s harshest and nastiest elements-be they mother-nature’s or the human kind.

Take a close look and LEARN MORE. If you don’t see exactly what you need, call us. We’ll make it for you. Then put some air in your Wing and work it hard. You’ll come away from the experience like us, true believers. And when you find yourself in polite company or impolite, if someone asks, “So what do you do?" your answer can be a simple one. "I run a Wing.”

‘Wing-Made’ In the U.S.A.

Berry Amendment compliant

All domestically manufactured products are designed and produced in our Northern California facility. Here, Wing Inflatables specializes in thermo-welding high-strength, long-lasting polyurethane coated fabrics in an array of designs and applications. All processes are performed directly under the watchful eye of Bill Wing and our veteran team of experts. To be sure, Wing-Made Products are Berry Amendment Compliant, and ‘Buy America Act’ compliant, not only providing U.S. jobs but maintaining and enhancing U.S. manufacturing expertise and capability here on our shores.

Sponsons & Collars

There are many good reasons why Wing foam collars and sponsons are speced. by more marine builders, state and federal agencies, and the military than any other. Expertise with the world’s toughest, air-holding fabric is one, but that is just the beginning. LEARN MORE »

P Series Boats

The ‘P’ stands for Polyurethane. We feature an introduction 4.7 meter model with more in development, now for the first time available in the world’s toughest and most durable air-holding fabric, polyurethane, and only from Wing. But we didn’t stop there. Check out all the P Series features. LEARN MORE »


A highly versatile, shallow-draft, customizable, and economical workboat design for a variety of tough working environments. LEARN MORE »


Turn your fiberglass PWC into a veritable water-born bumper car. Wing’s lightweight air collar goes on in a minute or so and not only adds protection from impacts, but floatation and stability, without compromising hull speed. LEARN MORE »

Small Boats & Rafts

This is where it all started for Wing. Our 40 oz. polyurethane-coated nylon fabric, thermo-welded instead of glued, revolutionized white-water rafts with it’s puncture and abrasion resistance. These small craft can take whatever you can throw at them. Just ask the Navy Seals. LEARN MORE »

Collapsible Fuel Bags

Made of the same tough material and construction as Wing inflatable boats used by military and commercial users around the globe, these fuel bags provide additional range without adding significant weight LEARN MORE »

Custom Projects

No one knows their way around CAD and thermo-welding polyurethane like Wing. We know how to maximize polyurethane’s unique properties and performance characteristics for virtually any application. If you don’t see what you need on our site, by all means call us. We love a challenge. You’ll love our service, our fit and finish, and our turn-around times. LEARN MORE »

Wing ‘World-Partner’ Products

We do what we do well. Other companies do what they do well. Sometimes it pays to join forces and create a synergy and value that might not otherwise exist. Wing World-Partners are located around the globe, with a specific, value-added expertise in various design and manufacturing processes. We utilize these companies to offer products of performance and value where design criteria call for it and budgets demand it.

If our name goes on it, you can be assured it’s a great product for the price, and will not only meet your specs, but your expectations.

Race Marks

Available in orange, red, and yellow, and fabricated out of PVC by a Wing ‘World-Partner’ these marks feature the same attention to detail and handwork one expects from all Wing products. LEARN MORE »