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wingcat polyurethane catamaran tubes

WingCat Tubes

A highly versatile, shallow-draft, customizable, and economical workboat design for a variety of tough working environments. For more information about the WingCat, including options and pricing, please visit our partners for the WingCat at Adept Process Services

personal watercraft air collar


PWC Air Tube Sponson

The SkiCollarâ„¢ is an ultra durable inflatable tube that can be easily affixed to many PWC hulls to improve lateral stability, afford shock absorption and provide additional flotation. It installs quickly greatly improving PWC stability without sacrificing exhilarating speed and tight turning capabilities.

inflatable small boat

Small Inflatable Boats

When the U.S Navy SEALs went shopping for an updated and upgraded inflatable for their BUDS classes (Basic Underwater Demolition School) they wound up purchasing WINGs. Since then, the WING IBS, essentially a lightweight, heavy-duty six-man raft, has become a centerpiece of BUDS training and team-building efforts.

inflatable small boat

Whitewater Rafts

Our roots are on the river. Years of personal experience coupled with decades of partnering with outfitters to design and build boats to their specific needs has lead us to our latest design offerings. We know these designs will meet and exceed the demands and expectations of any outfitter.

Wing Inflatables has spent over 30 years coming up with custom solutions

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