What if we all had access to the sky?
Potential in the air

Breathe in the car exhaust. Hear the truck engine idling. Feel the weight of city congestion. Now look up. See all that open sky?

What if we could use the air to move anything from where it is to where it’s needed – quickly, reliably and with a much lower carbon footprint than today’s transportation?

At Wing we’re building the next generation of delivery drones, and working toward the day when these aircraft can deliver everything from consumer goods to emergency medicine. We’re also developing an unmanned airspace traffic management platform that will enable our fleet of drones to safely share the sky with other operators. Together we’re building a new commerce system that opens up universal access to the sky.
Designed to deliver
Our aircraft can fly preplanned routes on demand using sensors and software to detect and avoid one another in real time. They fly up to 400 feet above the ground and safely deliver fragile packages to a spot the size of a doorstep.
Our latest flights
Since our first flights in 2014, we’ve flown tens of thousands of flights and have been refining our aircraft design and communications tools. In September 2016, Wing tested its aerial delivery system and more recently its unmanned air traffic management platform at an FAA-approved test site run by the Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership.
Building together
We seek a solution that unlocks the potential in the airspace under 500 feet by making it possible for anyone to safely operate drones. So we’re working with experts, regulators and the broader aviation community to develop a common approach to managing low-altitude airspace.
Join us
At Wing we’re building a delivery drone system to move anything from where it is to where it’s needed, as safely and efficiently as possible. Our team is pushing boundaries in every aspect of aviation technology, and we’re looking for talented and inspired engineers and entrepreneurs to join us.